Exploring South Carolina on Two Wheels: The Best Cycling Trails in the Palmetto State

If you're looking for a great place to explore on two wheels, South Carolina is the perfect destination. With its winding back roads, world-famous gardens, magnificent historic homes and battle fields, mountain peaks and crystal clear lakes, the Palmetto State offers a backdrop of beauty, picturesque and ever-changing charm. From the Spanish Moss Trail in Port Royal to the Cayce Riverwalk in West Columbia, there are plenty of trails to explore. Let's take a look at some of the best cycling trails in South Carolina.The Spanish Moss Trail is located in the coastal town of Port Royal, Beaufort County.

This trail was once part of the Magnolia Line railroad and is ideal for history-loving cyclists. It extends beyond the location of the Battle of Port Royal Island during the Revolutionary War and Pick Pocket Plantation. You'll travel through swamps full of wildlife and under branches covered with Spanish moss that characterize this trail.The Cayce Riverwalk in West Columbia, along the Congaree River, is a great escape from the busy city. It is an ideal route for beginner cyclists and is also linked to steeper trails for experienced cyclists.

As part of the Congaree Creek Heritage Reserve, the riverwalk is like leaving the bustling state capital and entering another world of shady forests with animals carved from trees and trunks by local artists. You'll cross historic bridges and boardwalks, and you can continue cycling past the riverwalk to the 3.5-mile Timmerman Trail.Huntington Beach State Park is one of the many places to ride bikes in Myrtle Beach. Biking in Myrtle Beach is busy, but great fun for the whole family. You'll pass through swamps and saltwater lagoons with loggerhead turtles in the state park.

You can also ride bikes along the waterfront full of shops, restaurants and attractions, such as a colossal Ferris wheel. Biking along the beach from the boardwalk to the pier is a 10-mile ride along the Atlantic Ocean.Croft Park is a former military base and training facilities from World War II reused on cycling and hiking trails. The trails feature impressive hardwood trees and old farmhouses, as well as the remaining foundations of what was once a 4-story hotel. Bike trails are tiring and technically challenging, but also a lot of fun.

You'll experience smooth, rugged surfaces on this trail. The Southside Loop is the most popular bike trail in the park, but you can also ride the Palmetto Trail for a slightly longer 12-mile ride.Incorporating strength training into your cycling routine will make you a more powerful and faster cyclist. We'll show you 10 stability and strength training exercises that will help you increase your cycling power. Designing a personalized cycling jersey allows you to exercise your creative side and differentiate yourself, your team or your brand from the competition.

We'll guide you through the design process, share expert design tips, and reveal 10 of our favorite cycling jersey designs to inspire your creativity.When it comes to outdoor fun, South Carolina's sandy beaches, fish-filled rivers, and picturesque mountains have always ranked high. But today, it's the state's bike trails that are getting all the recreational acclaim. The Peak to Prosperity Passage, part of the 500-mile Palmetto Trail under development across the state, spans nearly 11 tree-lined miles. Built on an old South Norfolk railroad line, this trail runs through more than a dozen reused wooden easels that cross Crims Creek - commonly known as Dutch Fork - although German immigrants settled in this area in the first half of 18th century.

Camping is allowed at Alston trail's start; be sure to buy a cheeseburger at nearby Wilson's Grocery before treating yourself at night; locals swear they're among the best in South Carolina!South Carolina is sunny, green, charming and welcoming; both novice and professional cyclists can find their “happy place” here! Following remains of Port Royal rail line this beautiful 10-mile greenway takes trail users through rural landscapes that eastern South Carolina is known for as well as forests of trees covered by Spanish moss on this trail. Four other cities in South Carolina (Greenville, Spartanburg, Columbia and Charleston) have won bronze awards for providing safe accommodations for biking and encouraging cycling as a means of transportation and recreation - plus exploring on foot or by bike gives you an even better excuse to try out South Carolina's famous cuisine! Columbia University of South Carolina earned its bragging rights when it joined a select group of campuses across America to rank as bicycle-friendly university.

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