Exploring South Carolina's Best Biking Trails

The coastal state parks of Myrtle Beach, Huntington Beach and Edisto Beach are ideal for biking and offer miles of trails covered with flat sand, asphalt and pine needles, as well as spectacular Lowcountry scenery. Located in Spartanburg, the Mary Black Foundation rail trail was part of the former Norfolk Southern Railroad. The 1.9-mile urban multi-purpose rail trail runs through restaurants, shops, and recreational facilities on its way to the historic city center. Columbia's Three Rivers Greenway is nearly 10 miles long and is still growing.

This series of riverfront trails, where the Broad, Saluda and Congaree rivers meet, offers exceptional views of the downtown skyline. The Waccamaw Neck Bike Trail runs 16 miles through historic Waccamaw Neck, a long, narrow peninsula tucked between the Atlantic Ocean and the Waccamaw River, which links Pawleys Island to Murrells Inlet. Built along the old Magnolia railway line, the Spanish Moss Trail offers spectacular views of the river and swamps while traveling 16 kilometers through historic points of interest, from Beaufort to Port Royal. When finished, the 12-foot-wide paved road will cover 16 miles.

Charleston's Ravenel Bridge isn't an attraction in the park. You'll burn a few calories crossing the 2.7-mile bridge, the longest cable car in North America, but you'll be rewarded with fantastic views of Charleston Harbor and a fun ride on the way down. The Spanish Moss Trail is located in the picturesque coastal town of Port Royal, in Beaufort County. The trail was once part of the Magnolia Line railroad.

It's the perfect trail for history-loving cyclists, as it extends beyond the location of the Battle of Port Royal Island during the Revolutionary War and Pick Pocket Plantation. You will travel through swamps full of wildlife and under the branches covered with Spanish moss that characterize this trail. The Cayce Riverwalk in West Columbia, along the Congaree River, is an ideal route for beginner cyclists and is also linked to steeper trails for experienced cyclists. As part of the Congaree Creek Heritage Reserve, the riverwalk is like leaving the bustling state capital and entering another world of shady forests with animals carved from trees and trunks by local artists.

You'll cross historic bridges and boardwalks, and you can continue cycling past the riverwalk to the 3.5-mile Timmerman Trail. Huntington Beach State Park is one of many places to ride bikes in Myrtle Beach. Biking in Myrtle Beach is busy but great fun for the whole family. You'll pass through swamps and saltwater lagoons with loggerhead turtles in the state park.

You can also ride bikes along the waterfront full of shops, restaurants, and attractions such as a colossal Ferris wheel. Biking along the beach from the boardwalk to the pier is a 10-mile ride along the Atlantic Ocean. Croft Park is a former military base and training facility from World War II reused on cycling and hiking trails. The trails feature impressive hardwood trees and old farmhouses as well as the remaining foundations of what was once a 4-story hotel.

Bike trails are tiring and technically challenging but also a lot of fun. You'll experience smooth rugged surfaces on this trail. The Southside Loop is the most popular bike trail in park, but you can also ride Palmetto Trail for a slightly longer 12-mile ride. Incorporating strength training into your cycling routine will make you a more powerful and faster cyclist.

We'll show you 10 stability and strength training exercises that will help you increase your cycling power. Designing a personalized cycling jersey allows you to exercise your creative side and differentiate yourself, your team or your brand from the competition. We'll guide you through the design process, share expert design tips, and reveal ten of our favorite cycling jersey designs to inspire your creativity. The Waccamaw Trail Blazers club built mountain bike trail at Market Commons bearing name A-10 bomber because it is robust but very maneuverable right next to Barc Park A-10 crosses forest for narrow cool route if you like hills beautiful landscapes ride bike through Horry County Bike Run Park it's not typical Myrtle Beach flat trail includes 30-foot climb start with look for Trail Blazers Mountain Bike Club members along way if you want make new friends take North South Ocean Boulevard bike lanes see ocean from car downtown traffic makes it difficult travel without interruption but there's lot see do part Golden Mile one best you can visit while Myrtle Beach for unbridled experience without traffic try this 1.2-mile paved trail it is undeveloped stretch East Coast Greenway which runs Florida Maine follow trail behind iconic Pine Lakes Country Club along native trees shrubs one most picturesque attractions here you'll be hard pressed find anywhere else like Lake Keowee anywhere else South Carolina.

South Carolina has a little bit of everything cyclists love: long flat paved trails for long-distance rides; mountain routes with great hill climbs; stunning beach trails for trips along East Coast, all within a few hours or less each other! South Carolina is sunny, green, charming and welcoming - a place where both novice and professional cyclists can find their “happy place”! The Spanish Moss Trail offers 10 miles of picturesque paved trails in the heart of northern Beaufort County, South Carolina.

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